Kindness Australia

Kindness Australia is based on the truth that you cannot feel anger or hurt whilst your mind is in a state of kindness and gratefulness.  With this firmly in mind, we built a movement based on humble kindness as an everyday action of shared love to the universe – not a public display of goodwill expecting reward of congratulation.  This makes Kindness Australia vastly different fro other Kindness based organisations – we focus on the quiet, personal acts of kindness – not the once a year grand acts of public kindness.

Fundamentally, it’s about letting the ego stand aside and instead embracing kindness as a way of life – and a way of being  – not a thing you do occasionally when everyone else is looking.  Kindness as a quiet. Personal grace is the most powerful and transformative power on the planet, as it means as people we become more aligned and in tune with each other.

Your invited to discover more about the Kindness Australia Project at


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