The Life Coach

Introducing The Life Coach, Bren Murphy.

Bren Murphy is a heart-centered Life Coach offering life purpose alignment coaching.  Using strategies from Buddhism, Yoga and Positive Psychology, Bren Murphy brings a unique energy and inspirational vibrancy to life coaching.

Bren Murphy brings a real world enthusiasm to coaching by encouraging you to take daily action towards your life purpose and making your aspirations and goals concrete parts of your everyday routine.  Using his unique blend of Eastern Spiritualism combined with Western Positive Psychology – you’ll gain a holistic view of your inner self – find the confidence and motivation to bring about lasting and profound change.

You will gain pleasing and joyful insights into your own essential nature through exploring your archetypes with personal coaching.  And, building on from this, as you nurture your self awareness, you gain the confidence to identify and claim your core needs and personal strengths.

This is your invitation to join Bren Murphy on an immersive personal journey of self discovery and action-based self-development.  You can discover more at or by calling 1300 084 004


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